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An actual intro post :D

Hello you!

This journal is

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Comment to be added ~


I'm still around

HI! I'm alive! I love my job and tumblr is making me realize how much I used to hate my life and other people. I don't anymore, so that's good XD.  I have new friends too!

I miss being in lj tho. I'll try to post more  :D


Have a fantastic weekend!

Ps: I'm still alive, just  have been working and reading lots of fanfiction. I hadn't realized lj is looking weird too.

Anyway... best wishes :D

You guys!

Several blogs posted a picture of me and my products in this designer event I participated this sunday. Ok they are not big blogs, most of them I'd never heard of, but there I am :D!

I'm just gonna paste the links :B





I think every single one of them have the same text XD and here is my famous picture XDDD


Dessigners bazar is today. I'm trying hard not to freak out XD There is going to be so much great stuff in there!

Taking 24 products with me and some more without stuffing.

Wish me luck!

Great musical discovering!

I don't know why, I don't usually listen to this kind of music but I can't stop!!!

This song was in a Hey Arnold fan video.

Also I love this other one:

She is great! I've been listening to her mix in youtube and there isn't a song I haven't enjoyed. Looks like I won't be able to buy her cd's locally tho.

Pillow pics

huge pic. I can't remember how to make it smaller XDCollapse )
I always talk about this but never show you.


So tomorrow is the end of the world?

Oh internet I have you to let me know about this things XD

How are you expending the next 24 hours? :D

I think I will go to a english workshop then comeback and see if I can sew a little. MAybe a movie night. Early saturday is going to be Japanese class and then more movies.
I know it's sound boring but I don't think I would want to do anything different.


Apr. 26th, 2011

Livejournal has been unblocked from work!!!

Too bad I can't use this computer all the time :(



From sairei

♥ Leave a comment telling me your favourite colour.
♥ I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
♥ You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
♥ You'll include this explanation.
♥ You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

My replies:
Do you actually care for cuts? Or I can leave my entries long and full of pics? XDCollapse )


Sad: I want more videos

So there are news about Jadusable again. We are still expecting the game. I've even joined the new forum, but this is horrible news D:


Someone asked if majora's mask was still significant in the new arc. WHAT'S THE POINT IF IS NOT?!!!!!!!


If you ever need it.

This song is quite~ I don't know... I feel different after listening to it.

So how I spent my valentine's day?

Lol but I wasn't feeling bad or anything. I would have forgoten about the dat if not for the fact I kept seeing hearts, teddy bears and flowers in every corner. It was actually a bussy day. Someone hit my mom's car. It was totally the other person's fault so we had no problem, but we had to wait till the insurance people showed up and made their things.

And look what I found in tumblr. It's just me :D


My kingdom for a horse!

You looked so cute before stuffing.

But you were just a lie.

I wanted to fix you still

But you are not what I wanted.

Enough with horses :/ I know that when I make a new one form scratch it will be better. But still not happy with this result.


I decided I really liked the hippo XD

These are the commissions of this weekend:

I'm really proud of my cow. It made me try new things :3

And the other no-horse it's going to be one.  Tomorrow I'll play with it to see if I can fix it. >:D!


Ok I need help

These look like a...what?

Hello there

I want to keep doing the 365 project, but I didn't take pictures for most part of January XD
Here is one that is giving me some work

Holly shit! I went to church today!!!

Panter is doing great. Still we haven't found any sings of something wrong with his memory or any other brain function.

I went to church today. When I was freaking out about my dog falling on his head I promised God I would go to church from now on if he was ok. So a promise is a promise.

I actually had so much fun XD There was this adorable two years old who was running everywhere and giving kisses to another little girl and just made it so fun to watch XD

And lilie!!! look what I found XD


New year's resolutions

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This year is going to be my first one in the real adulthood world

1.- At the end of the year I want to achieve:
-An advanced level in English (we shall be friends grammar)

-An intermediate level in Japanese
-A basic level in Portuguese

2.- A business level on the 3 languages mentioned.

3.- Write 6 cientific articles (on economy of course).

4.- Become irreplaceable in my work (so they can give me a freaking year contract!!!)
If not.. Find a job that deals with my career. I should not be afraid of applaying for the government or any company.

5.-  Get out with friends more (being social shouldn't be so difficult)

6.- Travel. I want this to be the year to get out of the country.

7.- To achieve the later, I'm finding a job and SAVING

8.- Get a bank account to quit spending the money as I get it and hide the freaking card away.

9.- Read at least 12 books (not much of a reader here XD). At least half of them in another language.

10.- Go to bed before 1 am!!

11.- Get myself back to drawing

12.- Learn how to use a sewing machine

13.- Make pillows. bags, covers and other things and sell them with a good price!

14.- Keep my house clean (you don't want to see it)

15.- Be a good owner to my dogs. (I will be able to walk the 3 of them at the same time *shakes fist*)

16.- Exercise? really? ok Give a try to a dancing class or a Pilates class.

17.- Update my journal with interesting things

18.- Check for scholarships to work/study abroad

19.-  Do social work (I´m thinking in helping the dog rescuers)

20.- Sell the stuff I haven't used and ever will (Stop being a pack rat self)

Go back to this post and put some more stuff in here XD

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